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A 6-Month High-Touch Business Strategy + Community-Building Mentorship for Badass Female Coaches, Practitioners and Health Professionals Who Want to Have their BIGGEST LAUNCH EVER in 2025.

Get on the Wait List below for early details and application privilege for this once in a lifetime EPIC experience. Applications open to wait listers EARLY and spots are EXTREMELY limited since we're going to be working directly with you week after week. Please be ready to bring A+ effort and attitude.

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Why Did We Create LEGACY?

Honestly, each of us are capable of independently running coaching groups. We already do. So why team up?

“Collaboration over competition”… kinda. Collaboration so that you can out-perform your competition. Now you’re speaking our language.

We’ve teamed up to bring you what others (and each of us individually) simply cannot provide.

Elite-level, high-touch coaching on how to up-level your business AND build an army of superfans.

Yes, you can make money AND strengthen the bond you have with your people. Welcome to "both/and" coaching.

Future-proofing your business, pandemic-proofing your business, building a true legacy business involves two key components: Results + community.

  • Do you know what EXACT strategies to use to get in front of people to show them that you can help them?
  • Do you know what systems to put in place so that you can work on your business and not just in it?
  • Do you know how to move from urgency and desperation to abundance and trust, making more sales more easily?
  • Do you know how to take consistent, unapologetic action to create REMARKABLE work that cannot be ignored?
  • Do you know how and what to sell so that you meet your people where they’re at and change them from one-time customers to life-long super fans?
  • Do you know how to do all of this in a way that creates a following that would literally go to battle for you?

We do. And that’s exactly why we teamed up.

We want to help you create a true LEGACY business.

This is the collaboration you've been waiting for, with the duo that's been waiting FOR YOU.