Introducing Social Media Content Boot Camp with Jill Coleman: A FREE 14-day Social Media Content Crash Course for Online Coaches in the Health + Fitness Space

  • EXACT PROMPTS for posts. Over the course of 14 days, you'll receive 10 posting "prompts" outlining exactly what to share, why and how.
  • STEP-BY-STEP STRATEGY for social media, including what kinds of posts get traction, help you grow your audience + actually make sales.
  • WHAT TO FOCUS ON VS. WHAT DOESN'T MATTER: Don't over think it! I'll be helping you rack up reps so you can lower the barrier to entry + finally show up consistently on social media.
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You Know You Need to Be Consistent with Social Media but ...

... you tend to overthink it.

... it takes you hours to craft a post.

... you don't know what to say.

... you don't want to waste your time on a post that gets zero traction.

... you wanna make sure you're posting things that with help you make actual money.


I see so many talented coaches and certified practitioners NOT making sales online because they're inconsistent on social media, they don't know what to post and they get frustrated and discouraged when they spend hours crafting a post for it only get 3 Likes.

I feel you, I know you're frustrated and you want an actual EASY solution.

That's literally why I created Content Bootcamp.

Over the course of 14 days, you'll be receiving 10 social media "prompts" from me, outlining exactly what to share, how to say it and WHY sharing it will bring you closer to connecting with your ideal client and actually making money. No fluff. Just real results.

10 prompts because ideally you'll be sharing 5 posts a week!

Strategies that are working RIGHT NOW for 2024 and beyond. You ready?

This course is 100% free, it's a no-brainer.

Here's How It Works

Once you opt in

You'll receive a confirmation email

Be sure to Confirm your enrollment so you don't miss anything. If you don't see the initial email within 3-5 minutes, check your Junk email folder. And if you still don't see it, email me

We start right away

You'll receive 10 short emails over 14 days

Each email will have a prompt for you to share something on social media (if you are new, I recommend using IG and FB for now). I'll give you a quick overview of why this kind of post is important to building your business and then I'll get into tactically how to share it.

Stay accountable

Be sure to tag me in your posts @jillfit

Use the hashtag #JillFitContentBootcamp so I can see your posts and give you some social media love! Keep yourself accountable by checking in for all 10 days.

Get consistent for good

Build momentum to KEEP GOING

The big reason I created Content Boot Camp was to help you create a show of evidence (10 posts consistently) that you can actually do this. I want you to build momentum, get some quick wins and then continue on long after the course is over. This is the first 10 posts of the next 10 years of your successful career online.

These are fun, easy prompts to help you build momentum and stick with it!

Hi, I'm Jill!

I'm the founder of the 7-figure-per-year business--JillFit--and the creator of Fitness Business Accelerator (FBA), an in-depth 6-month mentorship for health/fitness coaches who are beginners to internet business.

Over the last decade at JillFit, I've made it my mission to help as many trainers and coaches quit the Fitness Hustle (you know it, split shifts, early mornings, late nights, training people for pennies) and move their services online to have more freedom and make money while they sleep.

When I started online, it was out of pure misery working 70-80 hours a week at the gym and always feeling in scarcity around money and clients. I started JillFit as a blog, but within18 months, we'd grown to a 6-figure online business with 5 coaches. Fast forward 10 years and JillFit has grossed over $8M helping people all over the world get fit, live healthier and yes, build their online coaching business.

You're here because you want more options. You're sick of feeling stressed about money constantly and having your schedule dictated by clients, gym owners and group fitness classes.

You know you need to do something drastically different. Well, you're in the right place.

Join the 14-day course for free and we'll see you on the other side!

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This is the education I wish existed when I got started online.

All my best social media stuff, totally free. Let's do this.

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